Recupero e riutilizzo di fibre tessili

Incontro promosso da Chimica Verde Bionet e Federcanapa e dedicato in particolare alle problematiche del recupero e riutilizzo di fibre tessili con fine vita disomogeneo, mediante processi meccanici e applicazioni di valore nei due cicli:

1-   tessile abbigliamento e arredamento
2-   tessuti non tessuti

L’incontro sarà occasione del lancio del Premio Innovazione, promosso da CVB e Federcanapa e destinato a tesi di laurea magistrale e di dottorato.



Ideas and solutions for Textile Fibers recovering and recycling

Bicocca University, Biotechnologies and Biosciences Dept., Sala U3-01

Milano, piazza della Scienza, 27 February 2024


Cordinated by Beppe Croce, president of Federcanapa

9.30      Textile fibers meet academia and biotechnologies – Laura Cipolla e Antonino Natalello, Bicocca University

9.45      European strategy for the circular economy in textiles – Mattia Pellegrini,* Head of Unit ‘From Waste to Resources’, DG ENV

10,05    Fibre recovery and reuse issues – Marco Benedetti, Vice President Chimica Verde Bionet

10,25    Circular economy in fashion: the role of communication – Marco Ricchetti, CEO Blumine srl – adjunt professor SUPSI Lugano

10.45    The support of CNR-IIA in the ecological transition of textile waste management –  Alessandro Mei, CNR IIA


10,50     Coffee break


11.15    Towards solutions for fibers recycling & reuse – Amon Kirchel, Tech Director Recycling Atelier, Augsburg University

11.30    M3P Platform and MultiLab, a digital and physical place where to assess products recyclability and new technologies – Claudio D. Brugnoni, Multilab Director, CentroCot

11.45    From deep Sorting to Fibre Regeneration for quality R-Textiles – Pål Erik Haraldsen, NTG Norsk Tekstilgjenvinning

12.00    New solutions for mechanical recycling: defibering process –  Claudio Zeloni, OMMI srl

12.15    Recycling for R-synthetic Fibers – Radici Group*

12.30    Coalchry Green srl*

12.45    Certifications against greenwashing – Paolo Foglia, Orienta

13.00    Innovation Award AnnouncementMauro Sampellegrini, Sistema Moda Italia and Sofia Mannelli, President Chimica Verde Bionet


13.20    Lunch Break


Innovative applications for R-Fibers – coordinated by Marco Benedetti

14.30     The incoming technology for post-consume deep sorting – Silvia Gregorini, Picvisa

14,45     High quality fancy tops from regenerated fibers – Filippo ComottoDBT

15,00     HT applications on recycled fibers in nonwovens: graphene – Martina BarisonKemitex srl

15,15     R-Fibers with natural resins for furniture & fashion- Giulia De RossiNazena srl

15,30     R-Fibers and hemp for construction industry – Francesco Faralli, Cormatex srl

* awaiting confirmation






The Speakers



Beppe Croce was born in Milano, Italy. He is founder and President of Federcanapa, Italian Hemp Federation, and Director of Chimica Verde Bionet ( a non-profit association for sustainable bio-based products promotion.








Laura Cipolla is Associate Professor of Organic chemistry at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Dept. of Biotechnology and Biosciences.








Antonino Natalello is Associate Professor of Applied Physics at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Dept. of Biotechnology and Biosciences.







Dr. Alessandro Mei, PhD in Infrastructure Engineering, currently works at the CNR-IIA as Technologist. Expert on Earth Observation (EO) systems for the development of devices and methodologies for environmental analysis, material separation and Circular Economy.




PhD Electrochemical Engineering, University Degree in Nuclear Engineering.  Director of Multilab (Centrocot) and owner of Studio dott. Ing. Claudio D. Brugnoni. Expert of innovation and technological transfer to the Small and Medium Companies (SME).





Pål Erik Haraldsen is the CEO of NTG. We have established Scandinavia´s first research- and demonstration facility specialising in mechanical textile-to-textile recycling, in Sandefjord, Norway.






Loris Maestri, Product development Manager at Radici Group. I am currently working in the research and development team at Radici Group, directly in contact with customers to promote projects involving sustainability and circular economy. 





Paolo Foglia. In 2022, after having gained decades of professional experience in the environmental and social certification, I founded the ORIENTA consultancy company to support companies in the definition and implementation of their environmental sustainability and social responsibility objectives and programs.






Silvia Gregorini, Sales Director at PICVISA, is a dynamic leader driving innovation in textile sorting technology.







MARTINA BARISON as Plant and Product Manager of Kemitex. Martina has been working in Kemitex for more than twenty years, during which she’s been able to fill various roles and now she holds a lead position in the organization.








Giulia De Rossi, born in Vicenza, has a degree in International Economics and Business Management. She works in the industry of textile recycling and upcycling







Francesco Faralli is an energy engineer passionate about circular economy projects, working as area sales manager for Cormatex S.r.l..




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26 February


27 February










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