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Green Chemistry Bionet – Asia Pacific was founded in Taiwan in 2016 as a result of agreement between Green Chemistry Bionet and Feng Chia University in Taiwan with the aim of promoting cooperation projects in the field of green chemistry with a focus on bioenergy and biopolymers.
Green Chemistry Bionet – Asia Pacific is based at Bioenergy dept. of Feng Chai University in Taichung, Taiwan (



Green Chemistry association main activities are:

  • Promotion of the dialogue among active actors of the society and economy
  • Promotion of the use of bio-based raw materials as a must for the sustainable development of the Planet.

President: Prof. Daniel Ku –

International relationship: Marco Benedetti,



From The Wealth of Nation to The Wealth of Earth

International trade has always been the engine to push forward not only economic development, but also industrial innovation. The establishment of the first silk road during 200-208 BC between China and the Roman Empire introduced silk to the European continent and eventually sparked the industrialization of the shuttle loom in 18th century Britain. The cotton production became the largest segment of the industrial revolution and also the biggest polluter of the River Thames. At the same time, as an essential resource in industrializing steel production, coal turned the area of Birmingham into black country.

The Wealth of Nation, written by Adam Smith and published in 1776, introduced the cornerstone principal in capitalism: the invisible hand, that in the pursuit of profit, men are naturally motivated to maximize efficiency. The negative consequences manifested in the rise of colonialism and relentless exploitation of natural resources, which eventually led to the current issues of drastic deforestation, erosion of ozone layer, and climate change.

The global south bore the punishment of the expanding colonialism and capitalism. The European conquerors such as Spain and Portugal decimated indigenous cultures in South America and Africa, destroyed the advanced cultures of Maya, Inca, and Azetc. While in the Southeast Asia, Dutch and Britain exploited vast amount of resources from numerous countries that could not defend themselves against the canons of the European war ships. Tea, cocoa, coffee, and timber were and still are important resources being exploited and exported from the global south to the global north. Consequently, deforestation from Brazil to Indonesia expanded at an expedited speed, worsening the effects of climate change.

After the ravages from two world wars, the cold war, Vietnam War, and Korean War, east and southeast Asian countries have been on a path to industrialize and modernize over the past 50 years. China, especially in the past 20 years, has become a major contributor to CO2 as a result from its incredible economic growth. Fortunately, both the governments and people of these countries have realized measures must be taken to protect natural resources and the environment. The mission of our Bionet Green Chemistry Association Asia-Pacific is to
have mutual learning to scout, reserve, rediscover prescriptions those ancient for Neo Green Chemistries Balance Solutions.

Instead of promoting the interest of the wealth of the nations, let’s dedicate ourselves to the wealth of the earth.

Prof. Daniel Ku