Project description

The three-years project “VALSO – Integrated Technology System for the Valorization of Biodiesel By-products”, coordinated by the Research  Centre for Industrial Crops (CRA-CIN) located in Bologna, aims to the optimization of economic and environmental sustainability of biodiesel value chain suitable for Italian territory through the exploitation of by-products as glycerol and defatted seed meals (the so-called press cake). The project follows a full biorefinery approach to obtain a wide range of innovative bio-based products for industrial, agricultural and  pet food sectors.


This project benefits from the collaboration of eminent Italian private Companies interested  in  the exploitation of glycerol as binder in pellet production and in manufacture of  biopolymers and  coolant and hydraulic fluids. The defatted seed meals are biochemically modified to produce farm inputs as organic fertilizers, amendments and biostimulants. The project will also study both new processes to obtain sources of proteins  for pet-food and new products for post-harvest conservation of fruits and vegetables.

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